Our Story

Raw BK is the culmination of a decades long dream of Yaffa Regev. It all began in the early 90's when her husband Alby was diagnosed with MS. At first Alby went the traditional medical treatment route but had little success in slowing the progression of the disease. That's when Yaffa decided to change course and use a more holistic approach to treat her husband. Although it was too late to make a big difference this method showed remarkable change in Alby's condition and made her a believer.

In 1996 armed with these results and newly aroused mindset that what you put in your body really matters, Yaffa opened up one of the first organic health food stores in Brooklyn called David's Health Food. At the time, David's health food was one of the only places in the Northeast that offered a full selection of organic products. In addition to stocking shelf stable products and fresh organic produce, Yaffa began preparing some ready to eat food such as soups, vegie-burgers, brown rice, quiche, and other healthy foods. People came from all over the tri state area to shop her store, eat her food, drink her juice but most importantly pick her brain on how to live and eat healthy. Yaffa sold the store to focus on studying nutrition and began meal planning for some of her loyal customers. She has help many people over the past few years change their eating habits and lose weight

Now with Raw BK Yaffa can once again share her delicious recipes and knowledge with the world.